Your PhD Buddy

PhD Thesis Help and Accountability  


Who is Your Phd Buddy?

Your PhD Buddy was founded in 2017 by Rebecca Carroll-Bell. Rebecca’s goal is to provide support and accountability to PhD candidates during the thesis writing process. Drawing on her first hand experiences as the spouse of a PhD candidate, as well as her skills of persuasion and motivation, Rebecca has created a unique PhD thesis help program.


Why Your PhD Buddy is different

Your PhD Buddy founder, Rebecca Carroll-Bell, is living this experience with you! She is on the frontline of her husband’s PhD thesis writing journey.  Not only does she have firsthand experience on what it takes to write your thesis, she has also worked inside the academic system, coordinating one of Melbourne’s most successful and cutting edge university research centres, and has a unique insight into the way your supervisor functions.


How a PhD Buddy can help 

Your PhD Buddy is:

  • Your cheerleader: we are here to help you get your thesis written and cheer you along the way. Your PhD Buddy will help you celebrate the small wins along the way, and remind you of how far you have come.


  • Your taskmaster: we understand how easy it is to just do one more load of washing, to just pick up the toys in the living room, to just check the household accounts, to just pop out to the shops for more milk, and the million other little jobs that you do for others before you work on your PhD. Your PhD buddy also understands how important it is for you to not let others down. This is why we will check in with you each week to see if you have done everything on your weekly task list; and if you have not progressed with your thesis, you can be assured your buddy will feel let down.


  • A sympathetic ear: we get it, this is perhaps one of the hardest things you have ever done and we value the time, effort and commitment you are putting into finishing your PhD. You are not “just at home” available to take calls and meet for coffee at anyone’s whim. Writing your PhD thesis is a full time job, and we respect is as such. We also know how frustrating it is when your supervisor goes AWOL, leaving you without the guidance and support you need; or when they give contradictory advice. Your PhD Buddy is here to listen to your frustrations with a sympathetic ear, and help you work out how best to handle these annoying yet inevitable stumbling blocks.


  • Your productivity coach: we know that there is a world of information out there on how to write a thesis, how to write your PhD in six months, finishing your PhD and so on. Don’t get lost down the rabbit hole of reading every book, article and blog post there is on how to get this thesis done. Let your buddy be your curator, and work with you to identify and implement the productivity tools and technique that are the right fit for you.

I’m ready, are you? 

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